December 2014

Space exploration boosted by discharge lighting

When planning a space mission, being able to test the reliability of the power supply gives you one less thing to worry about. Landing on a comet has enough unexpected risks, as the world found out when Philae bounced to a position where there isn’t enough sunlight to recharge its batteries. The s... Read Full Article

Autoscan available now – as standard

Autoscan, a feature that makes it easier to use the ballast for high speed (1000Hz) shooting, is unique to the Power Gems range of high speed ballasts. Customers often say we don’t sing the praises of Autoscan enough, and with ballasts packed full of features such as DMX remote control and built-i... Read Full Article

RatPac Dimmers visit Power Gems HQ ahead of Atlanta opening

A key player in the American lighting dimmer market, Kevin Neak of Innovative Dimmers, (also known as RatPac Dimmers) will be providing technical support for Power Gems products in the mid-West. Kevin visited our UK headquarters this week, flying over with our new hire, salesman Dan Basso, who re... Read Full Article

Taking a closer look at Power Gems in Miami

During November Phil and Patrick visited the States, taking in the East and West Coast. Their first stop was Miami where they spent time with one of our high speed ballast customers in Florida, Miami Filmtrade. Filmtrade is one of the biggest rental companies in Miami; it’s been servicing p... Read Full Article