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MBS Studios says Power Gems ‘invaluable partner’

Power Gems has been an invaluable partner in supporting MBS's rental businesses around the world, according to Jeremy Hariton, Executive Vice President of the MBS Group. If twenty years in business has taught us anything, it’s never to assume you know what your customers are thinking. So it’s... Read Full Article

Power Gems ballasts at Micro Salon Italia 2017

Power Gems exhibited ballasts at Micro Salon Italia, the Italian cinema exhibition organised by AIC (the Italian Association of Cinematographers) in Rome on March 17th and 18th. The Italian event dedicated to the world of film production took place in the prestigious and historical setting of the Ce... Read Full Article

Using QR codes to find your Power Gems operating manual

Power Gems has introduced QR codes on serial number labels to let you retrieve manuals and information about your ballasts. You’ll start seeing the labels on Power Gems ballasts manufactured after March 2017.   Why have we introduced QR codes? The move to introduce QR (Quick Response) codes... Read Full Article

PKE Lighting Go 100% Power Gems

PKE Lighting has taken delivery of over £400K of Power Gems ballasts. PKE Lighting first placed an order in 2010 and has continued to invest in Power Gems every year since. Their stock of HMI lighting ballasts is now 100% Power Gems. The innovative design and improved reliability of Power Gems b... Read Full Article

BSC Expo – Power Gems unveils battery-powered ballast

BSC Expo was a great success for our new Power Gems EB180PD ballast which operates on both AC mains and battery power. Visitors to the Power Gems stand liked the concept of an ultra-flexible ballast and were interested to be shown the new product, demonstrated by Patrick McGuane, Head of Sales. ... Read Full Article