See What Our Customers Say

I’ve been a Power Gems guy for some time. However, it’s always nice to be won over again on a product we’ve come to trust. I can honestly say the Power Gems ballast we’ve purchased have been one of the best investments we’ve made.

Thanks to our EB1800P Power Gems ballast, during our work in the Eureka area of North California, the lighting balloons struck every time, working without fail in a number of different rainy, damp and muddy conditions. Our balloon tech team worked with unprecedented confidence in our electronics, and was able to focus on balloon placement and safety.

Brian Glassman, owner of 1 Stop Lighting & Grip

Power Gems has been an invaluable partner in supporting MBS’s rental businesses around the world. Their extensive product line of film and television ballasts has been a cost-saving and reliable part of our operations from the start and the team always approaches our relationship more like a partnership than a vendor arrangement. Patrick, Dan and the entire Power Gems team are a trusted resource to our company.

Jeremy Hariton, Executive Vice President of the MBS Group

The advent of high speed options for our customers, and the ability of the Power Gems ballast to power multiple wattage heads, has been very important to us. We do many island jobs where the customer feels they need to order spares. With Power Gems we can send one ballast that will cover four different units, so we don’t have to send four units as spares, just the one.At the end of the day, what separates Power Gems is the people; they care about the product, so they make it easy to get parts and to have people available on the ground to make sure that rental companies needs are taken care of.

John Banner, owner of Filmtrade

We only buy equipment from reputable manufacturers. With such a large demand for rental equipment, we value our long term partnership with Power Gems. New and innovative solutions are in good supply, every model comes fully customised and guaranteed to be a high quality product that can withstand the wear and tear our customers put on it.

Mike Pollard, Managing Director of PKE Lighting

Power Gems’ new line of modular ballasts are a must have for any studio or rental house. The versatility of these ballasts with their wide range of wattage selection makes them the go-to ballast. Add to that the 1,000hz high speed feature already built-in and the ability to swap out modules at locations ensuring no down time is invaluable to both the crew and production and rental house. Having worked closely with Power Gems for the past 15 years, I can safely say their professionalism, customer service, technical support, and attention to detail are second to none.

John Smith, Service Manager at Paskal Lighting

Cinelease has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality standards consistently over 37 years. We use similarly-minded suppliers, such as Power Gems who are best both in price and service. Because second best is never good enough.

Jamie Crosbie, Manager of Business Development, Cinelease Lighting

We’ve been impressed with Power Gems over the past 10 years. We compete on the world stage for high-profile productions, and the availability of top quality equipment is essential. Power Gems puts us in a particular strong position to meet demand.  Their products are reliable and come with excellent customer after-care service with spares and technical updates to older equipment in rental. When looking to invest in high speed electronic ballasts Power Gems are our first choice.

Yanick Tremblay, Director of the Lighting Department at Michel Trudel/Mel’s Cité du Cinéma Studios

Along with receiving training from Power Gems specifically on our new ballasts, we were encouraged to explore the product features of the lower wattage high speed ballasts in the range. For a busy lighting rental company, such as ours, there are clear benefits in the modular design. There’s a lot of skill involved, and the products have been well-thought through. It was great to get to know the whole team, from assembly-line workers and test engineers to Phil and Patrick.

Juan Garcίa of Cinelux Lighting

Airstar is here to help you make the right choices, offering a wide variety of lighting options that illuminate functional spaces while creating a unique atmosphere. For this reason we continue to invest in Power Gems products.

David Mohen of Airstar Lighting

They’re the best ballasts you can buy and their customer service is first rate. I’ve always been very pleased with mine. Power Gems for life!

Nicholas Calabria of Calabria Lighting & Grip