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Will Power Gems’ new PWM system for LED be right for you?

In September, Power Gems introduced a constant current LED power supply. As you’ll know LEDs can be driven using the PWM system where the output light is effectively chopped. PWM systems are incredibly compact and lower cost, but as we explained at the time, in Why Power Gems designed a high-po... Read Full Article

Why Power Gems designed a high-power LED power supply

Power Gems specialises in the design and manufacture of high power electronic power supplies primarily for the location lighting market. We have watched with interest the growth of LED lighting fixtures within the entertainment market and seen them develop from relatively puny sources into the subst... Read Full Article

The best throwback photo. Power Gems in 1997

The Power Gems Los Angeles facility relocated from Van Nuys to Santa Clarita in April. As part of the move, we were going through old storage cases and found these photos of Power Gems from 1997. In those days our American team were based in the industrious area of Los Angeles, Sun Valley. Mike N... Read Full Article

Meet Power Gems at Cine Gear 2018

Join the Power Gems team at Cine Gear 2018 filmmaking expo held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA, June 1-2. We’ll be showcasing our extensive range of HMI high speed 1000Hz ballasts, maintaining the tradition of putting the best technology into the hands of professional filmmakers. Key ... Read Full Article

Power Gems develops Wireless DMX ballast for K5600 Lighting

Power Gems has added Wireless DMX as a standard feature for the range of ballasts we manufacture for K5600 Lighting. The addition of remote control through DMX allows users to control the ballast via a console over a wireless connection. We are the only ballast manufacturer to fit Wireless DMX as... Read Full Article