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PKE Lighting Go 100% Power Gems

PKE Lighting has taken delivery of over £400K of Power Gems ballasts. PKE Lighting first placed an order in 2010 and has continued to invest in Power Gems every year since. Their stock of HMI lighting ballasts is now 100% Power Gems. The innovative design and improved reliability of Power Gems b... Read Full Article

HMI Lighting: Power Gems interviews Marc Galerne of K5600

Power Gems talked to Marc Galerne of K5600 Lighting about the future of HMI lighting, breaking the laws of physics and being a splinter in the side of a much bigger competitor. HMI Lighting specialists K5600 Lighting are old pals and long-standing partners of Power Gems. For the last two deca... Read Full Article

Power Gems at Rio 2016 Olympics

Power Gems has played a part in many defining sporting events, reaching a high point this year with the Rio de Janiero Olympics. Over 2,000 Power Gems ballasts were installed around the field of play in seven of the Olympic venues. In addition to the field-of-play lighting, we were involved w... Read Full Article

Power Gems. So good, Paramount keep coming back

Power Gems has delivered a repeat order to an important customer, Paramount on Location in Atlanta. Curtis Manis, Senior Manager of Atlanta Operations at Paramount On Location is shown with ten newly-delivered EB1812P 18kW Power Gems ballasts. This is the second shipment of EB1812P Power G... Read Full Article