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Using HMI lighting in high speed filming applications

Shooting at high frame rates requires substantial lighting levels which makes HMI sources an ideal choice. However, the process can reveal artefacts in the light which would not be apparent at regular shooting speeds. Dr Phil Ellams of Power Gems gets to the source of the potential issues and offers... Read Full Article

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Power Gems pop up at Matthews Garage Sale

How do you top Cine Gear? By exhibiting at the Equipment Garage Sale hosted by Matthews’ Studio Equipment, held the day after, Sunday 4 June, in Burbank. Power Gems was proud to be at the third annual Garage Sale - we’ve attended since the start, and it’s been great to see the event grow. E... Read Full Article

Power Gems at Cine Gear 2017 – better and hotter?

You may not have been able to attend Cine Gear, held at Paramount Studios on June 2-3, but we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Here’s a selection of pictures taken by the Power Gems team – Dan Basso and Chip Harley from Van Nuys, down the road, and Phil Ellams and Patrick McGuane who flew in fro... Read Full Article

MBS Studios says Power Gems ‘invaluable partner’

Power Gems has been an invaluable partner in supporting MBS's rental businesses around the world, according to Jeremy Hariton, Executive Vice President of the MBS Group. If twenty years in business has taught us anything, it’s never to assume you know what your customers are thinking. So it’s... Read Full Article

Power Gems at Cine Gear 2017

Join the Power Gems team at Cine Gear 2017 filmmaking expo held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA, June 2-3. We’ll be launching two new ballasts: A battery-powered high speed ballast – operates on AC too Power Gems debuts a HMI ballast which operates on both AC mains and battery pow... Read Full Article

Power Gems ballasts at Micro Salon Italia 2017

Power Gems exhibited ballasts at Micro Salon Italia, the Italian cinema exhibition organised by AIC (the Italian Association of Cinematographers) in Rome on March 17th and 18th. The Italian event dedicated to the world of film production took place in the prestigious and historical setting of the Ce... Read Full Article