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Using HMI lighting in high speed filming applications

Shooting at high frame rates requires substantial lighting levels which makes HMI sources an ideal choice. However, the process can reveal artefacts in the light which would not be apparent at regular shooting speeds. Dr Phil Ellams of Power Gems gets to the source of the potential issues and offers... Read Full Article

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MBS Pinewood and Mel’s Studios trained on using Power Gems

Part of our after-sales service is to provide training to get the best out of Power Gems ballasts. Each year, we welcome visitors to Power Gems HQ in Manchester – around this time in 2017, Grau Luminotecnia, the official Power Gems dealer in Spain, arranged a trip by lighting rental companies Cine... Read Full Article

An escape with ballasts to snowy Toronto

We like to start the year with the dry heat of CABSAT at Dubai, and move to BSC Expo in London to adjust to the cooler air temperature before plunging into a freezing Toronto for the appropriately named William F White February Freeze. CABSAT, the largest broadcast trade show in the Middle East, ... Read Full Article

Do you remember? This is Power Gems as it was in 1993

How has your day changed since 1993? Twenty-five years on from modest beginnings in an office in Salford, the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of electronic ballasts, Power Gems, boasts three international offices, service centres in New York, Atlanta and China, and sells more... Read Full Article

Power Gems gets a new logo for 25th anniversary

Power Gems has big plans for 2018 – and a new look to mark 25 years of designing and manufacturing electronic power supplies. Our foundations were laid back in 1991, and the logo has evolved over the years. This is how we started out: Then we introduced the button logo (see below, left... Read Full Article