Power Gems focuses on enhanced after-sales support

While Power Gems high speed ballasts are robust and reliable, we are keen to provide a consistently high level of after-sales service. With the addition of service centres in New York and Atlanta, and growth in Los Angeles and Manchester (UK), customer satisfaction remains a priority. Last year we introduced a training programme to improve the skills of the service and repair team.

In May it was the turn of Carlos Perez, one of our trained technicians in the Van Nuys facility in Los Angeles, to undergo intensive factory training. Carlos has been with us since 2001, and his wealth of knowledge of the older fixtures is only matched by Giles Clarke in the Manchester HQ, who has 20 years of experience of responding to technical queries. Carlos and Giles are the collective memory of Power Gems, and so it turned to Carlos to pass on skills and training to our newest team member, Dean Gunapala.

Graduate engineer, Dean, joined Power Gems in LA in November and has spent January at our HQ with direct access to co-owner Phil Ellams, who has responsibility for product design.

Phil says: “We wanted to invest the time and money in bringing Dean over to the UK for a full four weeks. This gives the best training experience with plenty of time to learn from our team of test engineers in Manchester and creates a learning environment where he can understand not only how our products work but the intention behind them.


Power Gems ballasts have many and varied applications and every member of our team has to be able to respond to the different demands put on them from use in film and TV, solar simulation, event lighting and high speed photography.”

All Power Gems are designed and manufactured in Manchester, and with shorter product development cycles we are constantly investing in re-training. No sooner has the team mastered the core range, than Phil will introduce a new Power Gems ballast. In 2015, the new additions included the EB2418P 24kW location lighting ballast; the Rolling Rack Series of 19” rack mounted ballasts for broadcast events, the 3000W Xenon DC300P for OEM applications using high power DC lamps.

Power Gems after-sales support:

  • For full after sales support, talk to your Power Gems contact, or email in your technical questions through the website. We’ll ensure your query is directed to the most appropriate engineer who will respond promptly.
  • Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting service. Seek an assessment and you may not need to send a ballast in for repair.
  • Self-service support via the website. We are developing a library of video guides.
  • Dedicated repair and service facilities in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Manchester (UK).
Dean Gunapala (left) with Kevin Neak at Power Gems HQ

Dean (left) and Kevin assembling a ballast at Power Gems HQ