New general manager for Power Gems in LA

Power Gems has strengthened its US division with the appointment of Jeremy Walsh to lead the LA team.

Previously National Director of Rental Maintenance for William F White in Canada, Jeremy started his career with Power Gems. We like to think we taught him everything he knows about screwdrivers and ballasts. Skills he won’t have forgotten, but perhaps hasn’t needed for the past 20 years.

In 2003, after training with Power Gems, Jeremy joined William F White in Canada where he was responsible for setting up and managing the repair operation for the whole of Whites.

Commenting on the appointment, Power Gems’ Head of Sales, Patrick McGuane says:

“They say no one leaves Power Gems, we just let other companies borrow them. Over the years we’ve remained friends with Jeremy, and when we heard he was looking for a new challenge, we had just the thing. His arrival comes at a significant time for Power Gems, as we mark 25 years of designing and manufacturing electronic power supplies. This year we’ve seen significant growth in our US business, and we expect to continue this momentum.”

A highly-respected industry figure, Jeremy will play a key role in developing the company’s repair network and after-sales service. While overseeing repairs, he will listen, digest feedback and react to it quickly, giving structured input to the design team in the factory. He’ll also work closely with this team, by assisting and advising with design-ins for our expanding range of ballasts for OEM applications.

Jeremy joined us in the LA office in Sun Valley in 1996, for exciting times as we introduced our range of high speed ballasts to the American market. Every ballast is designed and manufactured in Manchester, UK – most are destined for the heart of the American filmmaking industry. Hollywood is still as relevant today, but Beijing and Shanghai are emerging as thriving centres. If we set up today, a young Jeremy would perhaps be based in our Service Centre in Shanghai; a city Patrick knows well from visiting the BIRTV show and our partners, the China Film Equipment Company (CFEC).

And in case you’re wondering, Chip isn’t exiting the stage completely, read more soon…