Power Gems at William F White’s February Freeze

Extreme weather coincided with the February Freeze on Tuesday (3 February). The William F White event lived up to its name as the Power Gems team flew into Toronto; the city was hit by the biggest snowfall since December (20 cm in one night) with overnight temperatures plummeting to -18C.

Toronto Febuary 2015Phil and Patrick were glad to be indoors, at the William F White Centre, for the technology showcase. We were among 30 suppliers to the film, broadcast and live entertainment industry invited to demonstrate the latest technology, which in our case included the new additions to our range of high speed ballasts. We use the latest circuit techniques to design compact, efficient products which run cooler – they produce less heat. While you can’t huddle round our ballasts to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures, you can be confident they’ll perform well at extreme temperatures.

The one day event hosted by Canada’s largest rental house has been running for 14 years. William F White always put on a good show, this year they returned with live performances including an aerial acrobat. Great entertainment, convivial company and plenty of chat made the February Freeze a great place to take refuge from the bone-chilling conditions.

Phil and Patrick have passed through the bad weather, next stop Atlanta for the opening of our new facility at College Park on Friday 6 February.