Brace yourself: Power Gems are robust – not run-over resistant

If humid conditions and poor quality mains are a problem, a Power Gems ballast will help you solve it. Reversed your vehicle over a ballast? We’ll come to that later.

Changes in temperature and humidity can affect the operation of sensitive electronics, even though most of us are accustomed to having devices that work no matter where we take them. But what exactly can you expect from your ballast?

Ballasts are getting smaller – condensation is the enemy

Electronic and electric parts are getting ever smaller. So, too, are enclosures. Enclosures should also be airy enough to stop condensation forming. This is the challenge, Power Gems co-owner and product designer, Phil Ellams faces when designing a ballast with reduced dimensions to fit into the smallest space.

For your ballast to operate at the optimum, we coat the boards with an advanced water and corrosion resistant fluoropolymer.

Dodgy power supplies

Location lighting power supplies are frequently temporary networks set up over a large area with centralised generators. This leads to long cable runs with large voltage drops and the risk of poor connections combined with large loads being connected and disconnected. This can result in a very harsh and unstable supply voltage situation.

We have worked incredibly hard to give the ballast an enormously wide operating voltage, so you can practically forget problems caused by line dips and surges.

The result is that Power Gems are incredibly resilient and practically immune to line voltage drops, no matter what the supply conditions; withstanding poor mains supply is one of the key benefits.

Any ballast used should be a suitable type. Power Gems ballasts are highly versatile, operating reliably across a very wide range of ambient temperature. Most models have temperature-controlled fans to ensure proper operation in high ambient temperatures.

Call for advice on choosing the right ballast

They are rugged, proven products used in demanding conditions around the globe. In general, customers in the hotter climates – Asia and UAE states – say that our ballasts perform much better than the competition.

Despite all that, we haven’t thought of a solution to this… You can see here what happens when you run over a 9kW ballast.

If the worst does happen, the unique modular design means that power components can be interchanged in a few minutes ensuring equipment is always ready for use. With easy swop-out procedures in place, you may not need to send your ballast in for repair.

Keen to find out more? For technical queries and support, you can always call or email our in-house service workshops in Manchester (UK), Atlanta (USA) and Los Angeles (USA).