Why changes in LA are key to improved after-sales service for Power Gems

Have you heard, Jeremy Walsh has joined Power Gems as General Manager in LA? He’s the visible tip of the iceberg, of the changes we’ve been making in Los Angeles.

The other big change happened in April, when Power Gems Corporation moved to much larger premises in Santa Clarita, with more space dedicated to the repair and servicing of ballasts.

Bringing Jeremy in is part of our efforts to improve our service offering; he has valuable experience of dealing with customers and after-sales service, gained from his time setting up and managing the repair operation for the whole of William F White in Canada.

Jeremy Walsh, General Manager at Power Gems Corporation in Los Angeles

But the changes go much deeper than a new face and new facility. We’re looking at the processes which ensure you are satisfied with your purchase of our ballasts. It’s a root and branch overhaul of what happens afterwards, from resolving problems to being transparent about where your ballast is while under repair.

And we believe in making it easy for you get help. Jeremy has been tasked with taking your feedback; you can email him at Jeremy.walsh@powergems.com

Is Jeremy replacing a familiar face?

There are a couple of individuals who have been at Power Gems for well over 15 years. Chip Harley, for one, has accumulated considerable knowledge about our range of ballasts, after-sales services and processes.

While we’re expanding our team, Chip is still with us, answering the phone and remembering details of ballasts from maybe six or seven years ago, and the work we did on them.

Chip Harley at Power Gems Corporation in Los Angeles

Getting after sales support

We’re going to keep on striving to improve our after sales service and repair time on the ballasts you send to us for repair. For technical queries and support, you can always call or email our in-house service workshops in Manchester (UK), Atlanta (USA) and Los Angeles (USA).

Give us a try – we want to hear from you if you have any complaints. That’s the only chance we have of fixing the problem.

Expanded ballast test and repair facility at Power Gems in Manchester