Airstar Lighting and Power Gems put on a great display at Saut Hermes, Paris

The great and the good of the horse jumping world arrived in Paris to compete in the Saut Hemes held 11-12 April. The lighting for the long-anticipated sporting event was looked after by Airstar Lighting, with more than a little help from Power Gems ballasts.

Power Gems ballasts on pallets awaiting installation at Saut Hermes, ParisAirstar Lighting, leading manufacturers of balloon light technology, assembled an impressive 50 Power Gems ballasts to power the event – flown in from all over Europe. Once installed in four different tightly confined locations the heat and space constraints presented a particular challenge. The compact design of the ballasts, which run cooler and produce minimal EMI, really came into its own, seamlessly delivering power and reliable ignition along cables between 15m and 45m.

The 4kW ballasts sourced from Paris, Barcelona and the UK, arrived a week before their equine superstars, in time to dominate the elaborate set up. Airstar operated the ballasts in a combination of power outputs: 12 x 8kW 3.7m dia; 2 x 16kW 5m dia; and 1 x 48kW 10m dia.

Sporting events are as much about that party as they are about the pageantry. It’s all about illuminating the functional spaces, while creating a unique atmosphere. The balloons had to guarantee a consistent light level (1000 lux everywhere), whatever the weather, throughout the 5-star international competition.

According to Airstar’s David Mohen, every single detail must be attended to in the effort to build a memorable event, and great lighting is high on that list.

“Airstar is here to help you make the right choices, offering a wide variety of lighting options that illuminate functional spaces while creating a unique atmosphere,” he said. “For this reason we continue to invest in Power Gems products.”

The event was broadcast live on Equidia. Power Gems have enjoyed working with Airstar in the majority of their global facilities; we look forward to working together for many years to come.

Saut Hermes