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Using HMI lighting in high speed filming applications

Shooting at high frame rates requires substantial lighting levels which makes HMI sources an ideal choice. However, the process can reveal artefacts in the light which would not be apparent at regular shooting speeds. Dr Phil Ellams of Power Gems gets to the source of the potential issues and offers... Read Full Article

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Two new location ballasts added to Power Gems product range

Power Gems aims to continually expand its product offering, and this year has seen the introduction of 2 products to our range of ballasts for location filming. Early in the summer we unveiled our new 9kW product which comes fully loaded with features – it is Power Factor Corrected, has DMX as sta... Read Full Article

6kW location ballast updated

In addition to bringing out new products, we are continually refreshing and upgrading the existing products. This year has seen the replacement of our 6kW location lighting ballast by a much smaller and lighter model. The new ballast is some 10kg/22lb lighter than the old model and is now the same s... Read Full Article