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Using HMI lighting in high speed filming applications

Shooting at high frame rates requires substantial lighting levels which makes HMI sources an ideal choice. However, the process can reveal artefacts in the light which would not be apparent at regular shooting speeds. Dr Phil Ellams of Power Gems gets to the source of the potential issues and offers... Read Full Article

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What to wear with your ballast – the Power Gems T-shirt

Many people dream of becoming a fashion designer, launching their own collection. Well, while we’re proud to launch the Power Gems crew T-shirt, Phil continues to pursue his own dream, the one of building a better electronic ballast. Just tell us about your discharge lighting challenges – and we... Read Full Article

Power Gems launch new EB1812P 18kW electronic ballast

Power Gems has launched its new electronic ballast, the EB1812P – part of its range of affordable electronic ballasts. The most recent addition to the Power Gems family was launched at this year’s Cine Gear Expo, Paramount Studio, Los Angeles, 5-7 June. The EB1812P 18kW/12kW/9kW/6kW ballast i... Read Full Article

Power Gems back from another successful trip to Cine Gear

For over a decade we have exhibited at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles and throughout the years we’ve never failed to be impressed. Our markets may have changed – we’ve expanded into solar simulation, high speed photography and events – but film and TV lie at the heart of what we do, and Cine ... Read Full Article

Sneak preview of American Cinematographer advert

Power Gems returns to American Cinematographer with a distinctive advert, featuring our new affordable high speed electronic ballast – the EB1812P (18kW/12kW/9kW/6kW). As you can see from the image, the latest ad builds on Power Gems international credentials. Since 1991 we have specialised... Read Full Article

See you in Munich at CINEC this September?

We will be exhibiting at CINEC this September. The 10th International Trade Show for Cine Equipment and Technology takes place 21-23 September in Munich. Come and say hello, stand 3-B13. Power Gems will be at the specialist trade fair for film professionals, showcasing our range of our affordable... Read Full Article

How we test: Behind the scenes of high speed photography

Earlier this year Power Gems popped over to freezing Toronto to witness our range of high speed ballasts undergo a series of lighting tests. Canada’s largest rental house, William F White wanted to confirm our claim of flicker-free operation at various frame rates for high speed photography. We’... Read Full Article