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Using HMI lighting in high speed filming applications

Shooting at high frame rates requires substantial lighting levels which makes HMI sources an ideal choice. However, the process can reveal artefacts in the light which would not be apparent at regular shooting speeds. Dr Phil Ellams of Power Gems gets to the source of the potential issues and offers... Read Full Article

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Power Gems workforce just got bigger

Return is the common theme in the new hires at Power Gems, as we welcome Jackie and Des to Manchester HQ. As announced in July, we were looking for an Electrical & Electronics Assembler/Packing Assistant. Our first joiner, Jackie Aston returns to loom work and full-time employment after s... Read Full Article

New general manager for Power Gems in LA

Power Gems has strengthened its US division with the appointment of Jeremy Walsh to lead the LA team. Previously National Director of Rental Maintenance for William F White in Canada, Jeremy started his career with Power Gems. We like to think we taught him everything he knows about screwdrivers ... Read Full Article

Cine Gear Expo goes East, to Power Gems’ backyard

Power Gems demonstrated the next generation of high speed ballasts at Cine Gear Expo's inaugural Hollywood-style trade show held at the Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia on October 6 and 7. The show - usually an LA event, scheduled for June 2019 - opened a new front on the East Coast... Read Full Article

Will Power Gems’ new PWM system for LED be right for you?

In September, Power Gems introduced a constant current LED power supply. As you’ll know LEDs can be driven using the PWM system where the output light is effectively chopped. PWM systems are incredibly compact and lower cost, but as we explained at the time, in Why Power Gems designed a high-po... Read Full Article

Meet Power Gems at Cine Gear Atlanta

We’ll be demonstrating new Power Gems products at Cine Gear Atlanta on 6-7 October at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Come and get hands-on with: EB180P (1.8kW, 1.2kW, 800W, 575W) ballast which runs ARRI M18s, M8s and 1,200W light fixtures plus 575W fixtures. EB425P which can operate... Read Full Article

IBC and CINEC – Do trade shows still work?

Power Gems was at IBC and CINEC, where Patrick couldn’t help noticing that the first day of each looked more like the last day. It seemed to be quieter…but was it? Well, certainly from our pictures you might think so – the Power Gems team took these before the doors opened! Attendanc... Read Full Article